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Allairgoo started with a desire to take an experience people love and make it better. To make it even simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable


Air Quality Index, Air pollution detail, Meteorological data of your location, Map of our sources, Graphical statistics of the pollution,Connexion to Apple Healthkit: Allairgoo informs you if you did exerice under bad air.. Pollen alert (next version).

City coverage

1800 cities: USA, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, others in UE, Canada, China (main cities), India, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Brazil (Rio), Israel... Major cities or regions are covered thru their metropolitan areas.


With Allairgoo, you can choose when you receive notification alerts. The software will determine with your help your personal threshold. If air pollution is over this threshold, you will be alerted even when the app is not active, you won't have to check by yourself or wait for the media to alert you.For this, the only device you need is an Iphone/Ipod or Ipad (IOS 7 min.) , no box, no uber-modern watch on you, no home device.. and you



What is it ?

Particles, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide ... Allairgoo (TM) is an App that provides you a system of personalized alerts for allergy and asthma sufferers and ignorant victims of pollution episodes...

The air pollution is an increasingly important issue in developed countries. Everyone looks at CO2 and climate while other problems exist and involve a larger number of people breathing a polluted air by particles and gases produced by cars, industries. In fact on some places, Not all air is good for breathing ! Air pollution causes cancer ...

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions and simple answers to understand

For what kind of users ?

Allairgoo is designed to help Everyone who wants to live better, who wants healthier lives in a more and more polluted environment. Well informed you will suffer less and adapt your behavior to stay healthy

Is this complicated ?

Allairgoo is designed to help every one, to understand what means technical information about pollution , AQI, micro-g/m3 of Ozone on their wealth. Without need of engineering or scientific degrees or wikipedia. People should be able to use Allairgoo easily and immediately, without training and without reading a user manual

Why do you personalize alerts?

Each of you does not answer, or react the same way than another. You can ask your doctor, or read some reports about that.(UK Study 2009)

I'm not asthmatic nor allergic, is this for me ?

Absolutely. Sportsman, sportswomen, athletes, trainers : most of them ignore that running or training under bad (and invisible) conditions is dangerous for their health and reduce their performance and so the pleasure they receive... with healtkit integration, the APP knows your practice and tells you when you do exercice when air is bad.

How does it work?

Based on public data (1800 cities available about 800 millions of adults, and based on european or US medical estimations : 200 millions of potential users ) via proprietary algorithms we define a personalized threshold for each client: Empowerment and quantize yourself!

Allairgoo's cities coverage

Explore the map: US, Canada, France, UK, UE , China...

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